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In dulci jubilo lyrics

Original source: "Good Christian Men, rejoice": J.M. Neale. German version: Wittenberg, as seen in "Heilige Nacht, Weihnachtslieder aus aller Welt" (Silent Night, xmas carols from all over the world). English version: R.L.Pearsall, as seen in "Carols for choirs I, fifty christmas carols, edited and arranged by Reginald Jacques and David Willcocks". Danish version: Hans Thommisøn. En sød og liflig klang: N. F. S. Grundtvig. Both Danish versions: "Julens melodier" (The tunes of Xmas).
Oldfieldian source: "Good Christian Men, rejoice": James F. Glass. Other versions: Lise Andreasen.

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