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Japanese Incantations

Original source: Japanese pressing of the Exposed LP.
Oldfieldian source: Michael Lewis.

It is a transcription of the lyrics for Incantations which are included with the Japanese pressing of the Exposed LP. I have also included the original versions for reference. The order of the versions are as follows:

Incantations Part II - Song of Hiawatha (Longfellow)
Incantations Part II - Japanese transcription of above
Incantations Part IV - Hymn to Cynthia (Ben Jonson)
Incantations Part IV - Japanese transcription of above

I can just picture the translator sitting there alongside his English dictionary, feeling all pleased with himself because he'd found words like "marijuana" and "interpause", and totally unaware that lines like "Batter badge could loom with puddles" make no sense whatsoever in English...

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