From October, 2001

Djursland, 2001   Tags: Events Me Pictures
This text covers a trip to Væksthøjskolen Djursland July 22-August 4. (The word "vækst" means growth - in this case emotional and spiritual growth, among other things. A "højskole" is not a high school in the sense the American high schools are. Origina ...
31 October, 2001

Launch party, 2001   Tags: Events Me Pictures
This text covers the launch party of this very site (Events)! The launch was on 14:30 (Danish time), June 30 2001 - also the day where the first 1/2000th parth of the new millennium was past. This party was planned since September 2000! Needless to say, I was very happy to see it become reality. ...
31 October, 2001

TV, 1989   Tags: Events Me Pictures
(In 1987 I moved from my birthtown, Nakskov, to a university-town, Odense. But as my parents and parents-in-law still lived in Nakskov, the ties to Nakskov remained strong. This was orinally an article in the (now deceased) Nakskov newspaper Ny Dag (New Day), printed on October 18, 1989.) Young N ...
31 October, 2001