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Tulsa, baby!

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Okay, I know I am mixing my quotes here. It is either "London, baby!" or "Tulsa, the Paris of Oklahoma". But hey, this is my blog, I will mix whatever I want to, if that is my pleasure.

And I do feel kind of happy at the moment. After days of checking the news every 8 hours, to figure out whether Copenhagen Airport would be open on the crucial day, and after making preparations for plan B, I was able to go, on my planned flight and with only 1 hour of delay on the first leg of the journey. Yeah, ash cloud!

This time I was able to get to my destination only changing planes once. So I sat in planes 10 + 2 hours. My butt hurt a lot at the end. What is that? I know the seats are hard, but I seemed to be the only one that effected. Do I have a bad posture? Weak muscles around my stomach? Is my weight really dragging me down so much? Hm ...

On the first plane I saw 2 movies, My life in ruins and some of The blind side. Both kind of predictable (yes, she does loosen up and fall in love with the guy she initially hates; yes, all works out for the underprivileged boy), but also with interesting environments (tourism in Greece, football in a Christian family). So, both sort of good movies. And as Delta didn't have any choice (other that watch the movie or don't watch the movie) I am satisfied.

The 3rd movie I skipped, because I fell into an interesting conversation with Rick, sitting to my left. We talked about our jobs (he works with biomass briquette systems) among other things), where we stand on unemployment, education, small businesses, abortion, health care and lots of other stuff. We didn't agree on everything, but it didn't matter that much.

I had a few hours in Atlanta, before moving on to Tulsa. I really wanted a steak, and ended up at a steakery. Where I could buy a sub with steak ... Don't get me wrong, it was a nice sub, with good meat, grilled onion and melted cheese. But steak it wasn't.

So. All in all a much more successful start to my trip to Tulsa than I feared. Yeah!

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