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Okay. So, business, business, business. Most of the day was spent doing business. But in the evening, we made time for pleasure, for playing. And we started out at Caz's Chowhouse. Since I landed in the US, I had been longing for a steak, and this evening I got it. Rib-eye steak (12 oz, hand-cut), mashed red potatoes and fire roasted corn and peppers. The steak was juicy (didn't need the extra gravy I ordered), the mash was delicious, and the corn, while nice, could not compete with this feast. For dessert: triple chocolate truffle cheesecake. Perfect texture, and plenty of chocolate. All in all, a perfect meal!

Then we went through Tulsa a bit, and visited The center of the universe. A fun place, where the echo does something extraordinary. 3 different circles, that sound differently.

And because one of us worked there, we were able to visit the offices of Tulsa World, a news paper. I could have stayed there much longer! Historic front pages, a look at the presses (not running) etc. Fascinating stuff!

Very, very good day.

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