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Review of “Universer” (“Universes”), by Stig W. Jørgensen, read in Det virtuelle cocktailparty (The Virtual Cocktail Party).

Outline: Universer af papir -- en introduktion til science fiction (Universes of Paper -- An Introduction to Science Fiction) was published as a book originally, and now it rises again as the beginning of an essay collection. The genre is split into 5 groups (the political future novel; space; time; the changed man and man's creations; and end of the road), which again are split, and finally represented by books, which are summarized and linked with other books out there. The purpose is to let newbies see what SF can do at it's best (in Danish), thereby getting a better view, in general.

Is it good? I'm new enough for this to feel just right. I've read some of the book, the rest is put on my shopping list for later. Stig seems like a seasoned reader, able to pass on his knowledge and overview. -- The content is presented clearly, with page numbers and new-pages in the right places. -- And yes, of course, there are small laughs and missteps: the trees shouldn't grow into the sky. I haven't seen, elsewhere, that people from Mars are humans, and I'm surprised Verne isn't mentioned; not even with a note explaining his absence. (Wells is here.) There are a few spelling errors here and there, mixing singular and plural, and common gender and the neuter. But it's not much, just enough to bother my inner editor. And it's a question of taste, whether you need that many exclamation points. There's linguistic energy for talking about humans and dolphins, “wanting to get their hands (etc.) on” something. He. -- So, let me say it again: this is just right.

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