2:9 I, robot 2:11 The inheritors, part 2

2:10 The inheritors, part 1

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Plot / themes
Almost dead. And now: 2 brains in one head - one of them alien.
A lot of heads with 2 brains - but the 2nd brain always the same. X heads, X+1 brains. And the alien brain controls the show.
Super intelligence. Financial, used to make money fast. Biochemistry wise, used to make "air conditioning". Metallurgical, to make strong modules. (For what?) And physical, to make a motor to beat gravity.
Something is going on - but what?
Bothered: I should be dead. And now I worry whether I am still good, conscious that I'm being forced to do - what?
Aha - we are buolding a spaceship - I suspected that.
Plot in short

Relevancy of plot
A mystery
Plot is thought provoking
Realistic, yes
Realism in plot
How can they measure brainwave patterns, at different times, and still get something that lines up?
Believable, yes
Believable characters

Touching characters



1st time
Want to see it again, I missed some details, and think there will be more depth 2nd time. 5/10

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