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New York, 2005

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In February 2005, a dream I had for many years came true. I was finally in USA, in New York City, in the unofficial capital of the world. Here's a few impressions from that week. Click a thumbnail picture to see the large version. - Having a dream for many years can spell disappointment. But on the first days, looking around at all those skycrapers, it hit me: I am here! Wow!

Nice surprise to see the Gates in Central Park.

I had my first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty - special. And was surprised she was such a distance from Manhattan.

There were 9/11 memorials all over the place. This picture is from St. Pauls Chapel, where I cried. People reaching out to old enemies...

A Buddhist temple, on top of a discount store. But of course.

I am tall as a building! Or maybe it's just a sculpture...

It is special for a long time fan of "When Harry met Sally" to be at Washington Square.

I was there! No tricks.

Tiles for America. Yet another memorial.

I planned to see "Rent". And cried as one of the main characters died. Quality musical! - All in all, a successfull vacation.


Statue of Liberty

St. Pauls Chapel

Buddhist temple

Tall as a building

Washington Square

I was there

Tiles for America

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