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Arizona 2008

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April 23-30, 2008, I spent a week in Prescott, Arizona. Below, pictures and thoughts.


Prescott is very proud of its wild-west history, and it's easy to find a place where they'll take a picture of you, the way you would have looked then.

And this is one of the churches in Prescott, Prescott United Methodist Church.


There was time to a trip to Sedona - a place, where the rock is similar to the rock at Grand Canyon, though most of it is red.

Somebody had the idea to build a chapel out here, and though it looks like it's the middle of nowhere, there is a road and a parking lot and everything.

Grand Canyon

(Yes, I was here last year too.)

Some of the fun of being at Grand Canyon this time was the animals. On our way to GC, we spotted a mule deer with large ears. 3 yards from the car, right next to the road! (Picture below courtesy of Wikimedia commons.)

There was also an exciting moment, when a curious squirrel came very close. (That's GC in upper, right corner.)

And finally there's the party aninal - me ;-)


On the flight home, I spotted something odd, and later it was confirmed, that this odd thing was going on close to Amarillo, Texas. Anyone know what these round things are? (Picture below courtesy of Google Earth.)

Update: apparently these round things are fields - round, because it makes irrigation easier.

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