Ten-word Challenge 2 Trip 2 Texas, part 2

Trip 2 Texas, part 1

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Early Monday morning I went by plane to Amsterdam. And, surprise, I got an upgrade to not-economy class! Maybe because (by some weird definition) I am a frequent flyer? Maybe because I checked in online? Anyway, I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast:

Thank you, KLM!

And then, from Amsterdam to Fort Worth. Not just because I am going to the USA, Texas or Dallas -- I am actually going to Fort Worth, for business in the weekend. This plane was not very full, and I was able to stretch out on 4 seats, and get a bit of sleep. Very good against the jet lag!

I saw one movie on the plane, "The curious case of Benjamin Button". A life. Love. And not much more. Not a lot of action -- no car chases. Simply a man, born old, growing younger. And the slow revalation of why an old woman is telling his story. A bit boring? I am not sure. I wonder why the line "Good night" appeared so often. Night = death? Hm.

Anyway. I arrived safely at my hotel, and then just slept the rest of the day.

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