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Yesterday I had all to myself. So I decided to take in downtown Fort Worth. I ended up in the cultural district first, because I wanted to see an IMAX movie, and check out the cowgirl museum.

The movie, Deep sea, was of course beautiful. And not too many scary moments for a person like me with fright for heights. And, surprise, there was a lesson built in. Because you can't talk about nature these days, without a little lesson. So the movie stressed how the animals live in relationships and balances. And how humans ignore that balance, with worrying results.

I breezed through the cowgirl exhibit, and the neighboring Living in space exhibit.

Nothing seemed momentous. But it's an interesting idea, to praise the women who helped colonize the US, not by feeding the children, but by herding cows etc. And an animated character (Jesse from Toy Story 2) chosen as cowgirl of the year. And it was fun, riding a wild horse.

And then into downtown FW. Really wanted a steak. Ended up at 610 grille.

Was given permission to eat from the dinner menu, even though it was kind of early. Chose something basic: salad, steak (and by "steak" I mean "beef tenderloin") with mashed (opps, I mean whipped) potatoes, and cheese, fruit and crackers for dessert. Very good! They must use some very fresh ingredients. And even though I ate a 3 course meal, I wasn't all that heavy and full afterwards. Good stuff!

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