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Trip 2 Texas, part 4

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Business, business, business. But Saturday night, it was time to party a little again.

First we went to H3 Ranch, for some food.

I chose a ribeye steak, because I felt like meat with fat in it. Tasted fine, and I got all my special wishes seen to. But there was way too much food on my plate. And the place was very noisy. Still, a good start to the evening.

Then we went to a rodeo at the stockyards.

Where they had small horses.

Odd. People competing in bull riding and tie down (of a calf), well that seems familiar. But I didn't know about barrel racing, and certainly not the calf/mutton scramble for kids. And some of them tiny kids! The trick for the last bit seemed easy: the calf/mutton will head for the exit and then stop running, so the kids can catch it. I don't know how I feel about the animals -- but it seemed fair, that the animals weren't just taking their treatment, they fought back! And though no people got hurt, it was a real possibility.

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