Trip 2 Texas, part 5 Krakow, baby?

Żywiec, baby!

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(And if you don't get the reference in the headline above: watch more Friends!)

Last week I was fortunate enough to take a bus trip in the Żywiec area of Poland. And I saw some stuff!

First we arrived at a high point, from which we could see a lot of stuff. The stone, at this high point:

And the view:

Then we drove to the summer residence of the president, or something. Big disapointment -- he was not there to great us in person. But the residence looked nice:

As did the security:

Then one more very high point. But I was mainly fascinated by the dog, who didn't care about people going by all the time:

Then it was time for lunch. We didn't eat here, we just tried to imagine what a Mexican/Russian/Greek/Polish pizza would be like. Would it have jalapenos, vodka, feta and cabbage?

Then on to a brewery/museum. With a painting outside:

And a model inside:

And a time machine!

Finally, all through the day, I liked looking at these purple flowers.

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