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Krakow, baby?

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After endangering people and places in Żywiec for a while, we moved on to Krakow.

One of the top experiences here was The Dominican Church. There's a gorgeous altar (seriously, click on that link, and be awed by the roof-to-floor altar) there. Words cannot describe it.

Then we took in Wavel Castle. Not being in the mood for tours of the castle or walks in a museum, we simply tried to decipher the latin on the cathedral. E.g.: "NON NOBIS, DOMINE, NON NOBIS, SED TUO NOMINI DA GLORIAM". "Give Glory, not for us, God, not for us, but for your name".

Apparently Krakow had a close brush with a dragon. But these days the dragon just looks cute and eats bread:

Finally, Krakow is the kind of city, where everything is in the center:

So we were lucky to get an apartment very close to that.

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