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Review of the comic The trip to Saturn (Rejsen til Saturn), Claus Deleuran. (Also current as a movie.)

Outline: The Danes have pulled themselves together, and built a discount rocket, and now we're going to Saturn, yes we are. People, who should have been recruits, volunteer, and we're off.

Is it science fiction? On the one hand the trip in the rocket is central, and depicts a journey and some consequences thereof, that's not possible yet. On the other hand they meet a guy called God. So ... But enough SF-themes are touched upon, that I can excuse the rest.

Themes: Yes, we run into everything possible and impossible out there between the planets: ufos, aliens and of course Saturn. And as mentioned, God. (And does God have some gas -- if we have money? No, but we can borrow the holy spirit.) But the Danes are very relaxed, and focuses just as much on down to earth things like beer and tv. And doesn't really take all this space-stuff seriously. Not very many things are taken seriously, and when a plan is formulated, rarely, it's a bit thin, and doesn't necessarily succeed. And then there's the points, where the Danes are very Danish. Don't get involved, if you can help it. It's okay to be occupied, if the occupying forces are polite. And last but not least: it's just funny.

Is it good? Certainly. And I look forward to seeing the movie.

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