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Review of The ocean (Havet), Erwin Neutzsky-Wullf. Published 1978, and again 1996.

Outline: A spaceship has crossed 22 lightyears from Earth to another planet.

Is it science fiction? The trip through space, and the ensuing meeting with another civlization carries so much of the book that yes, this is SF.

Themes: Two questions are right up there: what is the meaning of life, and what's going on with the ocean? The questions are easked several times, and answered in different ways as we go along.

The form also gets in your face. In the 1st book chapter 1 and 2 are a cross between the bible and a history book. This style returns in the 2nd book, chapter 2 and 3. And in the same book, chapter 6 and 7, we have a description of what might be a long lsd trip.

Another part of the form is the language. The people in the book speak English in reality, although most of the words are translated into Danish. And the members of the other civilization speak their own language as well.

A great many people die. The only time it really touched me, was when a nuclear bomb was coming, and an attempt was made to stop it. Otherwise none of the characters really got under my skin.

And then we reach: Is it good? I am interested in the meaning of life as a question, and I sense there would be nuggets by reading the book again -- but, I don't have the energy. The form makes it hard for me to really get into the book. There are too many people, and I don't really know any of them (or it feels that way). So no, I don't see this as a book I would recommend to others or use as a basis for reading more books by this author. But once more I've read a book, that expanded my horizon, a book I wouldn't have stumbled upon otherwise.

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