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Saturn attacks

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Review of the animated movie Trip to Saturn (Rejsen til Saturn), A-Film. (I have already reviewed the comic.)

Outline: A rich guy is determined to find a way to make money on having a connection with Saturn, and has built a rocket. The technician in charge is Susanne, and her ex is called Per. And Per winds up as one of the astronauts, as well as the leader Arne, an immigrant, and a bear drinker. And then we're off to Saturn.

Is it science fiction? As with the comic, there are some problems. That guy God is here again. On the other hand it's a fine story about an alternate/future Denmark, with rockets and astronatus. So ...

Themes: Apart from what I've already suggested, the biggest theme for me is, that I kept looking for references. There's no doubt the creators have seen Mars Attacks. I also think I saw a reference to Lord of the rings. The DUFO-meeting reminded me a little of the Eurocon I know the creators attenced. And then there are beautiful pictures from Copenhagen.

Is it good? References are fun. Overall I laughed a lot while watching this movie. Recommended!

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