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Just below the target group

Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction

Review of "Know your target group" ("Kend din målgruppe") (free) by Dan Mygind, read in Just below the surface (Lige under overfladen).

Outline: Plain Speach have just covered World Song Contest so well, that they're getting a new price. This just proves, that Emotio-communikation really works.

Is it science fiction? We're in a future, where critical journalism is so out, and where the truth isn't necessarily the most important thing. Chillingly realistic, but not a stage we've reached yet. And then we haven't invented Emotio-communikation either. Definitely SF, yes.

Is it good? Well spun.

Note: Just below the surface is current because the third volume in this series is just about to arrive. In this you can also read one of my short stories, "NeuralTherapy".

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