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Farewell surface

Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction

Review of "Farewell scene" ("Afskedsscene") (free) by Stig W. Jørgensen, read in Just below the surface (Lige under overfladen).

Outline: Kelvin and the Eon have just crashlanded, and now have to fight their way to the plateau.

Is it science fiction? There's a chance Kelvin won't survive this mission, and the Eon gives him some choices, I haven't heard you could get any other way. So: yes.

Themes: Kelvin is an ambassadeur, so his affair with Nita has interruptions. But the affair is still important, so when the Eon gives Kelvin the chance to let important parts of his life march past, Nita's an important part of what must be relived. And imagine that: the Eon doesn't have to be a god in order for this to happen.

Is it good? It went down very comfortably, yes, and I was excited about what would happen to Kelvin, and what he would choose.

Note: Besides me already mentioning "Know your target group" ("Kend din målgruppe") (free) by Dan Mygind, I also liked these short stories in the anthology.

  • Richard Ipsen, "The white bear" ("Den hvide bjørn"). Li and the Bear work in Shanghai, catching butterflies.
  • H. H. Løyche, "Life" ("Liv"). First we wonder about how it might be, if one individuel is planted in another species. And then Liv (Danish for life) takes a walk on the beach.
  • Camilla Wandahl, "The red budgies" ("De røde undulater"). Now you can also buy red budgies (even if they are made artificially. It's gross, and very, very popular.

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