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The secret travels

Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction

Review of "Smoke and travel" ("Ryg og rejs") by H. H. L°yche, read in The secret valley (Den hemmelige dal).

Outline: Have you ever tried waking up, not knowing where you are? Henning has, and he tells us exactly what that's like.

Is it science fiction? Henning has slipped a little sideways, into a parallel world, and the differences have a lot to do with technology. So, yes.

Themes: If you don't count Denmark being larger and happier in this parallel version, the biggest difference probably is, that you pop pills for many more things in this world, and the propaganda associated with that phenomenon: pills are good, and you have a lot of problems, only pills can cure. And how free is a world, if the propaganda squeezes you from the outside, and the pills from the inside?

Is it good? Another excellent story from this writer.

Note: And that means you should be able to buy The secret valley (Den hemmelige dal) today. Exciting to have a short story of my own in print, for the first time!

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