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Could it be, that Neo in Matrix is Christ, actually? Or Antichrist? Maybe he's Shiva? Or Jahwe? Or should we look for him quite a different place -- maybe the head of the postmodernist Baudrillard?

These are some of the questions Rune Engelbreth Larsen tries to answer in Matrix og ulydighedens evangelium (Matrix and the gospel of disobedience) (free).

I'm fascinated with the fact, that the answers to all of these questions seems to be "no", and that the answer should be found in quite a different place. Religion is important, yes. But there's faith, hope and love -- especially love. Neo loves Trinity so much, that he's willing to sacrifice the rest of the world to save her life. Integrity and personal freedom are important as well. The human being, as an individual, colors all of the world, as portrayed in Matrix I-III.

Disobedience becomes a key word in the world, Neo rules.

From the content, I would certainly recommend this book for the Matrix lovers out there. The text has a few minor errors -- spelling mistakes and repetitions, but luckily not that much.

But let me repeat: if you know Matrix, you will also love this book.

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