Grand Canyon

Arizona 2008   Tags: Amarillo Arizona Events Grand Canyon Me Pictures Prescott Sedona Vacation
April 23-30, 2008, I spent a week in Prescott, Arizona. Below, pictures and thoughts. Prescott Prescott is very proud of its wild-west history, and it's easy to find a place where they'll take a picture of you, the way you would have looked then. And this is one of the churches in Prescott, P ...
11 May, 2008

Las Vegas / Los Angeles 2007   Tags: Arizona Events Grand Canyon Greyhound Jay Leno Jet lag Las Vegas Los Angeles Me Medieval Times Pacific Ocean Paramount Pictures Science fiction Star Trek Vacation
It ended up being one of the best days of my life. Being a trekkie, and sourrounded by things trek, is the ultimate experience.
20 May, 2007