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The con, the economy and NoFF   Tags: Imagicon2 Me Science fiction
The planning of Imagicon 2 was in many ways remarkable. Everything seemed well planned in advance, also as a panel participant, where I got many details in advance about what the panel would be about.
29 January, 2010

Star Trek   Tags: Events Imagicon2 Science fiction Star Trek
I imagine you can't go to big SF-con like Imagicon 2, wihtout Stat Trek being mentioner here and there and everythere. That's what happened this time anyway.
28 January, 2010

Fannic finns   Tags: Finncon Imagicon2 Me Science fiction
At the last Finncon, there were 10,000 visitors! What did they do, and can we learn from it?
27 January, 2010

Writing the alien   Tags: Graham Joyce Imagicon2 Me Science fiction Åsa Schwarz
If you write in the fantastic genres, you also have to choose how you will write about the alien/foreign, whether it's the country Transylvania, the person Dracula or the language spoken in foreign places by foreign people.
26 January, 2010

Liz Williams   Tags: Imagicon2 Liz Williams Me Science fiction
When you look at what the Earth has actually been through in terms of climate changes what we're doing to it is a minor blip; if you look at huge vulcanic eruptions, they are far worse than anything we could do to the ozone layer.
25 January, 2010

Imagicon 2 report   Tags: Imagicon2 Me Science fiction
October 16-18 2009, Stockholm. The next few days I'll report from this con. Hope you enjoy it!
24 January, 2010

Outline for Songmaster   Tags: Books Me Orson Scott Card Science fiction
What would an outline for Songmaster look like? What can I learn about writing novels from this novel?
20 January, 2010

Bald heroes   Tags: Danish Science fiction Star Trek
There's just not enough stories with characters from Star Trek, like Picard.
13 January, 2010

Climate heroes   Tags: Danish Science fiction Star Trek
There's just not enough stories with Kirk and Spock!
1 January, 2010

Neo is just being naughty   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
Matrix og ulydighedens evangelium (Matrix and the gospel of disobedience). Could it be, that Neo in Matrix is Christ, actually? Or Antichrist? Maybe he's Shiva? Or Jahwe? Or should we look for him quite a different place -- maybe the head of Baudrillard?
5 October, 2009

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