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I include a quote in my signature, changing once every week. And I try to choose quotes, that tells you something about me: my hobbies, my beliefs and so on. If you don't want to wait and send me a letter every week, just to see a new quote, you can cheat and look here. Quotes in italics are now ret ...
1 October, 1999

The miracle on Langeland   Tags: Concert Events Me Mike Oldfield Pictures
Technical details. Time: July 29, 1999. Place: Langeland, at the festival, in front of the big stage, on 2nd row, center. Occasion: Mike Oldfield playing in Denmark, for the first time in 15 years. Quality: Click picture to get a higher resolution. Other details: that your humble photographer (also ...
1 October, 1999

Early design   Tags: General Me Mike Oldfield
Here you can see the early design of this webpage, back in 1996. And of the first Mike Oldfield page, August 1996. ...
1 August, 1996

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