The spacesuit   Tags: Joke Pictures Science fiction
Joke from Amazing Stories, November 1941
26 March, 2012

Art of paper and love   Tags: Pictures
Pictures from an art project by Red Cross and Jeanette Munksbøl.
11 March, 2011

Tulsa pictures!   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
All the preceding Tulsa-posts have pictures now. And below are a few more pictures.
5 May, 2010

Tulsa space   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
Tulsa Air and Space museum. Living Arts.
30 April, 2010

Tulsa town   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
Bus system. Neat skyscrapers, wonderful churches, cute little homes etc. BOK Tower. Firefighters. Formations of the Galaxy.
28 April, 2010

Tulsa art   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
The most exciting touristy part of the day was to visit Gilcrease museum. Charles M. Russell.
25 April, 2010

Tulsa Chinese   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
Okay, so not much to report from yesterday. I adjusted from jet lag, watched TV etc. The most excitement I got was from a Chinese meal. I stayed next to the Golden Driller.
24 April, 2010

Fun with photos   Tags: Me Pictures
While waiting for the world to realize how brilliant you are, you can play with PhotoFunia.
23 October, 2009

My cyborg name   Tags: Me Pictures Science fiction
Lifeform Intended for Sabotage and Exploration
20 May, 2009

Krakow, baby?   Tags: Events Krakow Me Pictures Vacation
After endangering people and places in Żywiec for a while, we moved on to Krakow.
15 May, 2009

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