Behind the Sky   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
"Bag himlen". He's always on the move, but finds peace under the starry night sky. Astronomy, discovering life in space etc.
7 November, 2011

Russian Roulette   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
Russisk roulette. Kimberley takes another walk in her virtual rain forest, while she's waiting to trade it for something more exciting. Should you do what you love, or what you're good at? And, if the answer implies boredom, ...
4 November, 2011

Conversations on the Wedding Day   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
The short story written by Glen Stihmøe and myself, will appear in FAPA.
29 June, 2011

Game FAQs   Tags: Education Games Me
Yes, I play a lot of games. And some times I get into a game in a way, where I have to produce an FAQ or something. This has happened twice sort of recently.
25 January, 2011

Outline for Misery   Tags: Books Me Stephen King
What would an outline for Misery look like? What can I learn about writing novels from this novel?
23 June, 2010

Eyes in the sky   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
2026. Todd, NASA-flightcontroller. NASA and ESA working together. Mission to the Moon. And then the team disappears.
21 May, 2010

Tulsa pictures!   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
All the preceding Tulsa-posts have pictures now. And below are a few more pictures.
5 May, 2010

Tulsa space   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
Tulsa Air and Space museum. Living Arts.
30 April, 2010

Tulsa town   Tags: Events Me Pictures Tulsa Vacation
Bus system. Neat skyscrapers, wonderful churches, cute little homes etc. BOK Tower. Firefighters. Formations of the Galaxy.
28 April, 2010

Tulsa TV   Tags: Events Me Movies Tulsa Vacation
When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story. Mostly accurate. It was also very well played, and at moments moving.
27 April, 2010

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