London, 2002   Tags: Books Events London Me Movies Music Pictures Science fiction Vacation
In the summer of 2002, July 3-9, I had a summer holiday in London. This time I didn't have much planned before I left home - only some addresses, some vague ideas, and a feeling that I would get up every morning and then decide what I wanted to do that day. Actually I ran out of ideas the last day, ...
8 April, 2003

Contact info   Tags: General Me
To avoid spam, there isn't simply a link you can click to write me an email.
5 January, 2003

Djursland, 2001   Tags: Events Me Pictures
This text covers a trip to Væksthøjskolen Djursland July 22-August 4. (The word "vækst" means growth - in this case emotional and spiritual growth, among other things. A "højskole" is not a high school in the sense the American high schools are. Origina ...
31 October, 2001

Launch party, 2001   Tags: Events Me Pictures
This text covers the launch party of this very site (Events)! The launch was on 14:30 (Danish time), June 30 2001 - also the day where the first 1/2000th parth of the new millennium was past. This party was planned since September 2000! Needless to say, I was very happy to see it become reality. ...
31 October, 2001

TV, 1989   Tags: Events Me Pictures
(In 1987 I moved from my birthtown, Nakskov, to a university-town, Odense. But as my parents and parents-in-law still lived in Nakskov, the ties to Nakskov remained strong. This was orinally an article in the (now deceased) Nakskov newspaper Ny Dag (New Day), printed on October 18, 1989.) Young N ...
31 October, 2001

Logo   Tags: Events Me Pictures
This just to show you how the logo was made. First I found an interesting pattern for cross stitch embroidery. Then I searched in my "archives" for yarn, approximately the colors the pattern suggested. Then I did the cross stitch. Then I scanned the result. And finally I had the cross sti ...
30 June, 2001

Xmas, 2000   Tags: Events Me Pictures Vacation Xmas
With this "virtual postcard" I wish all of you a very happy 2001. Below are impressions from my Christmas 2000 - I hope your Christmas was as good as mine. Fields I spent Christmas 2000 (December 22-26) with my boyfriend and his mother in Sindal (the Northern part of Denmark, very ...
30 June, 2001

Edinburgh, 2000   Tags: Edinburgh Events Me Pictures Vacation
This text covers a trip to Edinburgh September 21-29. The column on the left is about the structure of the trip, and links lead to external web sites or email addresses. The column on the right is about my impression, and links will lead you to pop up pictures, mine or others. I stayed all the night ...
30 June, 2001

Berlin, 1999   Tags: Berlin Concert Events Me Mike Oldfield Pictures Vacation
(This was originally an email to Amarok, the Mike Oldfield mailing list. Sent 2 days after June 23, 1999, and the Mike Oldfield concert in Berlin.) Hejsa! Back from a 4 day vacation in Berlin - ending with a concert on Wednesday night. The concert was the best part! Bits and pieces, in no ...
30 June, 2001

London, 1998   Tags: Concert Events London Me Mike Oldfield Pictures Vacation
(This was originally an email to Amarok, the Mike Oldfield mailing list. Sent 4 days after September 4, 1998, and the world premiere of Tubular Bells 3, at Horse Guards Parade.) Hejsa! Yes, I know, you've already heard all you need to know about the concert... But I have a few scattered thoug ...
30 June, 2001

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