January   Tags: Me Pictures
And for those who think my picture of January is very small, there's also a large version of January.
1 February, 2009

Autumn in Denmark   Tags: Me Pictures
Simply a picture I took yesterday.
15 December, 2008

Nakskov and New York   Tags: Me Mike Oldfield Movies Music New York Pat Cadigan
Video. Nakskov and New York are just like each other. Right?
28 November, 2008

Remix of "Biographical Notes ..."   Tags: Benjamin Rosenbaum Me Science fiction Stories
Benjamin Rosenbaum and I
10 October, 2008

Will draw anything - including me   Tags: D.J. Coffman Me Pictures
Lise, juggling Enterprise, Tubular Bells and Rubiks Cube
9 October, 2008

The sound of their wings (IV 4)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
The sound of their wings (IV 4)
15 August, 2008

Geek code   Tags: Computers Me
GCS/M e+++ d+ s:++ a+ C++$ L+$>++ P++$ E--- W++$ N w--- PS+ PE- Y+ t++ 5++ tv+ b+++ G h r x++
12 August, 2008

Arizona 2008   Tags: Amarillo Arizona Events Grand Canyon Me Pictures Prescott Sedona Vacation
April 23-30, 2008, I spent a week in Prescott, Arizona. Below, pictures and thoughts. Prescott Prescott is very proud of its wild-west history, and it's easy to find a place where they'll take a picture of you, the way you would have looked then. And this is one of the churches in Prescott, P ...
11 May, 2008

Control (IV 3)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
The control room was empty - just the quality manager and a lot of screens, buttons and levers. Even the sound was off right now, and none of the pictures moved. He was looking for a target with a high empathy reading. He stopped looking when he found an agitated woman (she seemed to be pacing) and ...
27 March, 2008

Supervision (IV 2)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
"I can't see why we have to do this." And a knot, and this line over here, and then the braid ... "I mean, we've never done anything like it before." And another knot, and a new line, and bend it like this, and start a new braid here ... "How can you do something like this?" "Sorry, were ...
6 March, 2008

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