A meeting (IV 1)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
Three persons were sitting at a round table. We might call them A, B and C. A was leafing through some papers in front of her, and sighed now and then. Eventually she collected the documents in a pile and folded her tentacles. "Has the last prognosis of 90% been confirmed?" B pulled his long, whit ...
8 February, 2008

Fiction   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
Here we have Friday Free Fiction at Futurismic. And here we have my contributions. ...
8 February, 2008

Las Vegas / Los Angeles 2007   Tags: Arizona Events Grand Canyon Greyhound Jay Leno Jet lag Las Vegas Los Angeles Me Medieval Times Pacific Ocean Paramount Pictures Science fiction Star Trek Vacation
It ended up being one of the best days of my life. Being a trekkie, and sourrounded by things trek, is the ultimate experience.
20 May, 2007

The Nokia night of the proms 2006   Tags: Concert Events Me Mike Oldfield Pictures
On 2 December, I made what seemed like a very long journey. I started at home (in Denmark) at about 11.00, and at 19.30 I (complete with TB ear rings) was in my seat in Color Line Arena (in Hamburg, Germany), waiting for the show to start. My only stop along the way was to grab dinner. It was only ...
26 December, 2006

10: Taken   Tags: Me Review Science fiction Taken
Plot / themes Allie will have to go with the aliens to survive - but she doesn't want to. So far Tom Clarke is there to help again. And see John again. John gives Allie the star earring. She also gets Lisas. Mary Crawford and dr. Wakeman after Allie. They try to snap Allie again. But John stops t ...
8 August, 2006

9: John   Tags: Me Review Science fiction Taken
Plot / themes Mary Crawford, inside the UFO. Then a group of soldiers go in. They all see dead people. Nice - and not so nice. They get out, and the UFO leaves. Charlie Keys and Lisa Clarke, still trying to get to Allie. The soldiers pick them up. Allie tense. Then picked up by the UFO. Mission o ...
8 August, 2006

8: Dropping the dishes   Tags: Me Review Science fiction Taken
Plot / themes Allie Clarke, shielded, with Mary Crawford and dr. Wakeman. The plan is to un-shield her, and then everybody wait for the UFO. Except, Mary is removed, from the now military project and from Wakeman. But she finds her way back, bringing the artifact. When Allie sees the artifact, it ...
8 August, 2006

7: God's equation   Tags: Me Review Science fiction Taken
Plot / themes Present day. Charlie Keys is out interviewing abductees. Allie Clarke is a very wise child, and people like her - and she's careful not to flaunt her powers. Her mother, Lisa, attend a therapy group for abductees. And here Charlie surfaces too. Lisa and Charlie discover they know ea ...
8 August, 2006

6: Charlie and Lisa   Tags: Me Review Science fiction Taken
Plot / themes 1980. The aliens are still collecting evidence. But Eric Crawford still has the artifact. But the project seems to be over. The star necklace passes from Jacob Clarke to Lisa. Charlie Keys on the run. Taken. 1981. Jacob dies. 1986. Danny is Lisas new dad. And Nina her new friend. Li ...
8 August, 2006

5: Maintenance   Tags: Me Review Science fiction Taken
Plot / themes 1970. Eric Crawford gets into his late father's project. 1980. Eric finally sees a live head-implant, thanks to a new cynical employee, dr. Wakeman. Jacob Clarke comes home to say goodbye to his dying mother. He's married to Carol, with a daughter, Lisa. Jacob helps ease Sally's dea ...
8 August, 2006

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