Tulsa, baby!   Tags: Events Me Movies Tulsa Vacation
Okay, I know I am mixing my quotes here. It is either "London, baby!" or "Tulsa, the Paris of Oklahoma". But hey, this is my blog, I will mix whatever I want to. My life in ruins. The blind side.
23 April, 2010

Trip 2 Texas, part 3   Tags: Events Fort Worth Me Movies Vacation
IMAX movie. Cowgirls. 610 grille.
23 April, 2009

Trip 2 Texas, part 1   Tags: Events Fort Worth Jet lag Me Movies Science fiction Vacation
Amsterdam. Fort Worth. Benjamin Button.
21 April, 2009

When Spock met Uhura   Tags: Me Movies Star Trek
When Spock met Uhura
16 February, 2009

The animated Mary Sue story   Tags: Me Movies Star Trek
The animated Mary Sue story
15 February, 2009

Nakskov and New York   Tags: Me Mike Oldfield Movies Music New York Pat Cadigan
Video. Nakskov and New York are just like each other. Right?
28 November, 2008

Movies   Tags: Babylon 5 Me Movies Science fiction Star Trek
Uhm, movies. Well, I've seen some of those too. And whatever else comes along on the screen. I guess I'm a full fledged trekkie, after seeing Raumschiff Enterprise on German TV as a child. (No, Danish television isn't my favorite.) Saw Next Generation as well, and all of the motion pictures. (A bit ...
18 August, 2004

Hobbies   Tags: Books Me Movies Music Science fiction
Wanna know some more about my hobbies? Here they are: ...
18 August, 2004

London, 2002   Tags: Books Events London Me Movies Music Pictures Science fiction Vacation
In the summer of 2002, July 3-9, I had a summer holiday in London. This time I didn't have much planned before I left home - only some addresses, some vague ideas, and a feeling that I would get up every morning and then decide what I wanted to do that day. Actually I ran out of ideas the last day, ...
8 April, 2003

Quotes   Tags: Books Mike Oldfield Movies Music Olivia Newton-John Quotes Science fiction Star Trek
I include a quote in my signature, changing once every week. And I try to choose quotes, that tells you something about me: my hobbies, my beliefs and so on. If you don't want to wait and send me a letter every week, just to see a new quote, you can cheat and look here. Quotes in italics are now ret ...
1 October, 1999

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