London, 2002   Tags: Books Events London Me Movies Music Pictures Science fiction Vacation
In the summer of 2002, July 3-9, I had a summer holiday in London. This time I didn't have much planned before I left home - only some addresses, some vague ideas, and a feeling that I would get up every morning and then decide what I wanted to do that day. Actually I ran out of ideas the last day, ...
8 April, 2003

London, 1998   Tags: Concert Events London Me Mike Oldfield Pictures Vacation
(This was originally an email to Amarok, the Mike Oldfield mailing list. Sent 4 days after September 4, 1998, and the world premiere of Tubular Bells 3, at Horse Guards Parade.) Hejsa! Yes, I know, you've already heard all you need to know about the concert... But I have a few scattered thoug ...
30 June, 2001

London, 1997   Tags: Events London Me Pictures Vacation
This text covers April 20-24. The links in the text will lead you to pictures. Intro Hejsa! As you may (or may not) know, we've been to London (we being me and my boyfriend, Obi)! Just for 4 measly days, but even then a lot happened, and I feel like writing it down. And why not tell it to you ...
30 June, 2001