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Launch party, 2001

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This text covers the launch party of this very site (Events)! The launch was on 14:30 (Danish time), June 30 2001 - also the day where the first 1/2000th parth of the new millennium was past.

This party was planned since September 2000! Needless to say, I was very happy to see it become reality. And to me, it was perfect. Even little things, like "if I do this, some of my guests will do this, and enjoy them selves" happened as planned. I wanted to be among friends, and to let my friends meet each other and have a good time - and it worked!
    It was good that people were very willing to help with practical things, including clearing up the mess before we left the big hall, and headed for (what turned out to be) my home. Thank you! And also thank you for the presents.
    The night was supposed to end on a restaurant. I don't quite know what happened - but I am happy we winded up in my home instead, not enough physical space, but lots and lots of laughs and serious talks. About Matrix. Traffic. Lord of the Rings (after all this excitement, the first showing can only disappoint, but maybe the second...). Music. And so on.

Pictures, pictures, pictures! The hostess,

happy as a clam! And the guests: from one angle,

from another angle,

and just a few ones.

(And a bagpipe...) And I got presents! Nail polish and hair thingies.

A flower and some body lotion.

(This flower is called "hardworking Lise" in Danish!) Handmade paper for letters, and a sarong.

Angel dust and a bracelet -

I think the point of the powder is to smell good. Oh, and there was consensus, that I should have pink/purple stuff!!!

Not a lot of text here. I guess most of it can't be put into words that easily. "You had to be there..."

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