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Niels Klim Award, announcement

Tags: Danish Science fiction

Saturday 2 June the winners of this year's Niels Klim Award were announced, and the (physical) prizes were given out in a succesful ceremony.

The winners are:

  • Novella:
    • "Skjul" ("Hideaway"), Alastair Reynolds, Vejen mellem stjernerne (The Road between The Stars)
    • "Minlas blomster" ("Minla's Flowers"), Alastair Reynolds, Vejen mellem stjernerne (The Road between The Stars)
  • Novelette:
    • "Faderens sønner" ("The Sons of The Father"), A. Silvestri, Faderens sønner (The Sons of The Father)
  • Short story:
    • "En helt almindelig død" ("A completely ordinary death"), Lars Ahn Pedersen, Den nye koloni (The New Colony)
    • "Homo arachnida", Michael Kamp, Den nye koloni (The New Colony)

The prize was given out for the first time this year. It was very positive, that Alastair Reynolds was present to receive his prize in person.

The 3 categories together cover shorter science fiction texts (less than 40,000 words) published in Danish for the first time.

The prize has been created by fandon, and the best texts are nominated by fans; fans also choose the winners. The practical circumstances are mostly handled by Lise Andreasen (member of Science Fiction Cirklen among other qualifications), and her blog is the primary information source.

More information about the award here:


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