Where does time go, when it passes? The unreal earth

SF and philosophy

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I like to discuss the interface between science fiction and philosophy. Luckily for me, I am not the only one!

The book Clones and starwars (Kloner og stjernekrig) takes a good look at some of the important SF books, and often reaches the conclusion, that the writers must have been philosophers, a little. Heinlein looked at what it would do to a society, if basic human rights were deeply connected with whether you've been a soldier or not. Stanislaw Lem tries to show us, that we will never be able to understand an intelligence, that's not human, exactly because they're not human. And Anthony Burgess looks at good, evil and free will (can you be good or evil, if you don't have free will to be anything other than you were at the beginning?)

I recommend this book. And it's free!

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