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He wrote novels, short stories and articles.
Lists: comma between (short) items in list, comma optional before "and".
After I wrote all the short stories, I wrote the table of contents.
Dependent clause: the 1st half of the clause is dependent (it can't work as a sentence by itself), so there's a comma before the 2nd half, an independent clause.
Therefore, I sent in the manuscript.
Certain adverbs: always comma before "however", "in fact", "therefore", "nevertheless", "moreover", "furthermore", and "still".
He calls me, still, to annoy me.
Comma before (same) certain adverbs, when in the middle of a clause.
I wrote a book, by God!
Comma before and after parenthetical phrases, if no other punctuation is there. (Parenthetical phrases: can removed while still leaving a sentence.)
He sent in the book on December 24, 2012, and was finished.
Comma around year as if a parenthetical phrase.
It is a big, green book.
Comma between equal adjectives: the book is big, and the book is strong.
He says, "I wrote a book!"
Comma after word for speak/write and before quote.
He called me; therefore, I sent in the manuscript.
Semicolon before (same) certain adverbs, when between 2 clauses.)
"however", "in fact", "therefore", "nevertheless", "moreover", "furthermore", and "still".
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