Religion and science fiction

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Isaac Asimov, "Reason"
This robot creates a new religion.
Isaac Asimov, "The Mayors"
A scientific culture can tame a more primitive one, claiming science is actually religion.
David Barr Kirtley, "Cats in Voctory"
The memories of the past have turned into a religion.
James Blish, "A Case of Conscience"
Is this planet paradise?
Anthony Boucher, "The Quest for Saint Aquin"
A priest is looking for the body of a dead saint. Meanwhile a robot ass asks him about his faith.
Ray Bradbury, "The Fire Ballons"
MIssionaries come to Mars to convert the local people, if it's possible. Maybe Christ needs to look like a blue sphere here.
Arthur C. Clarke, "The Nine Billion Names of God"
This religion believes, that the world will end when all the names of God have been written down.
Arthur C. Clarke, "The Star"
The supernova of this star has religious significance to us.
Greg Egan, "Oceanic"
This planet was colonized thousands of years ago. Now the story of that colonization only survives as religion. The story also illustrates how religion and science are 2 different ways of thinking.
George R.R. Martin, "Song for Lya"
Is a local religion an advanced group mind, or just a complicated way to commit suicide?
George R.R. Martin, "The Way of Cross and Dragon"
A local version of Christianity has a Saint Judas and dragons.
James Morrow, "Auspicious Eggs"
Births are few, far between and declared holy by the Catholic church. Priests help in this endeavour by drowning children, who will never become parents anyway. Do you know any more?
Norman Spinrad, "Deus X"
Uploaded people and artificial intelligences are common. The Catholic church has to decide whether these entities have souls.
H.G. Wells, "The Lord of the Dynamos"
I tell you, this piece of machinery is God.