The new stuff

Det er lettere at vedligeholde min nye hjemmeside, så alt det nye sker derovre. - My new page is easier maintaining, so all the new bits are over there., the blog

At first this was just a page about Mike Oldfield, and one of his fans: me. But then the page sort of grew ... Now I am presenting most of the content in a new format (you can still find the rest on ye olde site). Welcome!, bloggen

Jeg går op i de ting, der får livet til at fungere lidt bedre. Velkommen til



Ye olde site

Here you can learn more about Mike Oldfield, at the Mike Oldfield University or in the searchable discography. There's also impressions from a few concerts. In the science fiction section, you can read about Star Trek, Outer Limits, and Taken. And some science fiction, I've written. Og så er der en dansk side om Anne McCaffrey. Libellus is a book I wrote about the basics of programming. You might also learn a bit about concept maps. And you can learn more about me, Lise Andreasen, your webmaster. And then there's Etc., the section for small stuff.