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Analysis of Tubular Bells

So - what's the difference between Tubular Bells, studio version and live?

Original source: The first 2 columns: "Tubular Bells", Mike Oldfield; Text written by Karl Dallas; Analysis by David Bedford; Copyright 1973 Virgin Music (Publishers) Limited (London) for the World; Printed in England by J B Offset Printers (Marks Tey) Limited, Colchester.
Oldfieldian source: These 2 columns transcribed by me, Lise Andreasen. The other columns written by me.

People around me seem to be hearing stuff in Exposed I can't hear - and they seem to hear it effortlessly! So, even though the method I'm working by on this project might seem like hard work to some people, I simply want to know more about Exposed - hear what they hear. Starting here with the question "what is the difference between Tubular Bells 'classic' and the Exposed version?" - but in order to answer that question, I really have to answer another one - "what is Tubular Bells?" - otherwise it will be harder to find the differences and describe them.

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