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Name of release Details about release Listing
Keesojen Lehto (LP, FIN; CD, FIN/JAP) The very original LP, made in Finland in 1976. The CD is also a Finnish release pressed in Austria, and had been imported to Japan (the Japanese edition is the same with a second booklet and belt).
Cover: yellow/brown with a drawing of a strange forest. A single sunbeam shines through the leaves, but the forest is very dark, because there's also a lit lantern (?) hanging from a tree in the background. The sunbeam is shining down between some strange people in monk costumes and with very big noses. 2 are sitting in the grass, listening to an adept (with a professor cap). The discussion seems to be about physics. He's holding a scroll with some symbols. Among these a triangle, a rectangle and a cylinder.
On the other side there's a picture of Pekka in a field.
Drawing: Risto Kurkinen
Photography: Inkeri Pohjola
Layout: Nalle Smeds
No.1, see below.
Skuggornas Tjuvstart (LP, SWE) The Swedish release, 1976. Cover is almost the same as the Keesojen Lehto cover, but different title of course. No.2, see below.
The Mathematician's Air Display (LP, UK/JAP; MC, UK) The UK release (1976-1977).
Cover: front - photo of the sunset over the sea with colored "doodles" above; back - Pekka walking in the snow, with the front cover under his arm.
Still a kind of original.
No.4, see below.
Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield, Pekka Pohjola (LP, USA/ITA) The Italian and US edition. It has the coffee cup over highway cover in both countries, reissue 1981. No.3, see below.
Mike & Sally Oldfield - Pekka Pohjola (LP/MC, D) The German Happy Bird edition, grey triangle on white ground (1981). The easiest to find release, existing with red and orange labels.
Cover: M. Hoffmeyer, Ffm
No.3, see below.
Sally & Mike Oldfield - Pekka Pohjola (LP, D) Very similar to the above release, but different triangle (a little bit bigger) on white ground. This is a rarer Bellaphon release from 1981 (Germany only). Might also exist on CD - but if so, it's extremely rare. The Bellaphon release has a higher quality than the cheap Happy Bird release and was more expensive in the shops. No.3, see below.
Mike Oldfield: The Consequences Of Indecisions (LP, NL) Same as the Happy Bird release, but in Benelux countries with different cover (blue sky, oil "building", bird). Easy to find edition from 1981, also existing as rare picture LP (no sleeve). Record is exactly the same as the German Happy Bird (orange and red labels).
Also exists as picture disc.
Front cover painting: Peter Astrom
Cover: Fessel & Hoffman
Photo: Achim Schwarz
No.3, see below.
The Ordinaires (LP?) Different recording, no one knows details. This LP was listed in a synth music lexica only, nobody has ever seen the record. Probably it was a mistake and it does not exist at all. But there was a comment about the music with song titles and a short description of each song. The author wrote that it is very asian, influenced by Indonesian folk music. With Mike Oldfield. But again: No fan has ever seen or read about it - except in that special book. Was around 1988.
More about The Ordinaires: They are a 9-member rock "Big Band", combining sax, violins, horns etc. with rock instruments & arrangements - very eclectic instrumental music! Combining elements of modern jazz, classical, rock... a very unique style. Not anything on this album very "asian" or Indonesian influenced, they do rip out a stunning instrumental version of Led Zepellins' "Kashmir".

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