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Season 1

Number / Name Why I liked it
001 / 1:1
Broken bow
Great title song!
People being kept back, "for their own good".
Communication through the times.
A happy, open, optimistic doctor.
A captain, who simply wants space, above making the best choice.
A pilot, with actual space experience. And young.
The unemotional Vulcan, who doesn't want to be there, and who knows better.
The very, very good communications officer.
Knowing when to get involved, and when not.
In the middle of some totally ununderstandable war.
What would a good no. 1 do? And who is no. 1?
003 / 1:2
Fight or flight
The tactical officer wants to blow up stuff.
And there's an engineer...
Making the choice, 100%, to be in space.
004 / 1:3
Strange new world
Exploration. Excitement.
Looks beautiful, is deadly.
005 / 1:4
A man, pregnant, with an alien.
006 / 1:5
Terra Nova
And then they disappeared. (The settlers.)
Mutants, subterranean.
Gaining trust.
Free will.
Save the culture.
007 / 1:6
The Andorian incident
A cloister. Or is it?
Violence is a choice.
008 / 1:7
Breaking the ice
"Logical dreams." :-)
Showing school children what life in space is like.
Discovering secrets. And the consequences.
It's good to talk about your problems.
A small talk killer.
Arranged marriage.
009 / 1:8
The prime directive haven't been invented yet!
Men in tights.
010 / 1:9
Fortunate son
Choosing to travel slowly.
Staying in the family business?
By nay means necessary - even torture.
Doing it on our own.
011 / 1:10
Cold front
The captains chair is - special.
Sabotage, to help! Agents - who to trust?
Time travel.
Walking throug solid matter.
012 / 1:11
Silent enemy
Old friends, taking a walk with the dog.
Friends, preparing a surprise.
We can do it on our own!
Fear, or courage?
Truly mysterious aliens.
013 / 1:12
Dear doctor
Learning more about the good doctor.
2 races on the same planet, living in harmony. 1 race very sick, dying. Interfering with theor culture? Their development? Their evolution? Pre prime directive.
An interrace relationship.
Very good!
015 / 1:13
Sleeping dogs
Fighting for your life, with intelligence.
Gaining cooperation, through learning the psychology of the other person.
014 / 1:14
Shadows of P'Jem
A crewmember transferred.
Treating grownups as children.
016 / 1:15
Shuttlepod one
Stranded, alone. Dying. Fight it or accept it? Get drunk, and bond.
A nice dream sequence.
A creative, and desperate, solution.
I like it!
017 / 1:16
Unemotional people exploring emotions. Personal exploration. Aiming for balance between logic and emotion. It won't work.
Clearing up prejudice.
Interpreting ancient texts, that guide society. More than one interpretation.
Telepathic rape.
Act, before it's too late. No regrets.
018 / 1:17
Rogue planet
Eternal darkness.
Hallucinations. Or ghosts.
It is wrong to kill (and hunt!) intelligent life.
The search.
019 / 1:18
Pirates. With a very efficient method.
Hey, it's those guys!
How to fight greedy people.
020 / 1:19
Ghosts. No, real people. No, holograms of real, dead people.
That guy from DS9!
Comfort, or reality? The latter.
A small romance.
021 / 1:20
Not all enemies are.
Ghetto. Detention camp.
The right to choose.
022 / 1:21
Vox sola
The monster turning out to be intelligent. Communication, man!
Sharing minds.
Never give up.
Asking for help. Receiving help.
Taboo subjects are random.
Cheering up a friend.
023 / 1:22
Fallen hero
024 / 1:23
Desert crossing
Desert people. Good friends, terrible enemies. Oppressed? Terrorists?
Trapped into fighting somebody else's war. Prelude to PD.
Survival in a desert.
025 / 1:24
Two days and two nights
Everybody should relax from time to time.
Go for sex, get mugged. Go for relaxation, get work. Go for studies, get romance.
026 / 1:25
Shockwave, part I
Causing a lot of deaths. Accident? Sabotage!
No more "boldly going". End of the mission. Not accepting it!
Time travel. Alternate reality.
Kidnapping the captain.

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