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(In 1987 I moved from my birthtown, Nakskov, to a university-town, Odense. But as my parents and parents-in-law still lived in Nakskov, the ties to Nakskov remained strong. This was orinally an article in the (now deceased) Nakskov newspaper Ny Dag (New Day), printed on October 18, 1989.)

Young Nakskov couple winners of Labyrinth

NAKSKOV. Two young people from Nakskov will appear on television Tuesday, October 31. They are Lise and Benny Møller, who lived in Nakskov at Helgesvej/Tårsvej in Nakskov, but moved to Odense two years ago.
    "We will appear in Kim Schumachers popular show Labyrinth. The competition was taped this Monday, and we won," a happy Lise Møller tells us.
    "How did you get into Labyrinth?" "We wrote Danmarks Radio [Denmarks Radio, also the first Danish TV channel] a long time ago along with hundreds of other young Danes. We gave name and address and hobbies. And we were among the lucky ones, chosen to participate."
    Not only did Lise and Benny win 1200 kr. by answering more questions right. They also reached the center of the labyrinth in the following attempt to win a star prize. They chose a video.
    "Who controlled who?" [One would wear big, yellow boots, walking around in an invisible labyrinth, the other would say "left" and "right".] "I controlled Benny." "Just like home...?" "Yeah!"
    Lise Møller also says, that there may be changes in the program planning. But so far the date for the two young people of Nakskov on screen is DR Tuesday, October 31.



It was great meeting somebody, I admired a lot: Kim Schumacher. And it was weird, that he died suddenly (of AIDS) a few months later - almost like losing a friend. I thought he would be my game show host / DJ / whatever, until I died...

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