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This text covers March 25-27, 1993, when I traveled with Obi to Hamburg, Germany, to an Oldfield concert.

After the trip I wrote to my diary, and to Obi, twice. And when I put the final touches on this page, I also added a small outro.

Dear diary!


Dear diary!
    I came home today, after being out of town for a few days. Thursday morning I went by (3) trains from Odense to Hamburg, and Obi joined me in Fredericia. All right, in Hamburg we found the 4-starred hotel, ran around some of the nearer city, and then relaxed in the hotel room for a couple of hours. Then off to Sporthalle, and Oldfield concert, TB II tour.
    Friday we ran around in town some more, changed plans a little, and after dinner both went to Vejle to hear some CDs. And today, Saturday morning, I went home to Odense, so I could find myself this evening sitting, watching video (Oldfield live Edinburgh 1992), looking at my poster (unofficial, 5 DM), and my necklace (keyring, official, 15 DM) and reading Shoes & Strings (Oldfield fanmagazine). Yummy!
    Friday morning I wrote down these expressions, coming to mind.
    Painfully beautiful suddenly made sense.
    Abstract music. (And me, who hates abstract art!)
    Can one talk about interpreting the composition? (Traditionally I would by this understand saying what feeling is aroused by what is being interpreted - then my answer would have to be no.)
    Psychedelic lights? (Lights with many colors and shapes anyway.)
    The light was almost the i under the dot, men just barely. (50% of the experience.)
    The beat of the drums, but also of the guitar. (It affected me more than ever before, and it was natural to clap my hands.)

It's been some good days, it was a good thing to do, and it was done good. Just nice!


4-starred hotel



Dear Obi! (March)


Dear Obi!
    I don't think there's any MO left (in this house), I haven't heard. Even "Heaven's Open"'s been on.
    I found a dusty tape with "The Lake" on, and heard it this morning. Compared to a lot of other stuff, it sounds like any fool could have made it!

Have fun

Dear Obi! (April)

1/4 1993

Dear Obi!
    The first night my new necklace was by my bed. (It's not easy to sleep with, so now I've put it with the rest of my jewellery.) I've seen my videotape a couple of times, read the 2 fanmagazines, I have, heard a lot of music, in the start just TB II, I by now know rather well, and I've been wondering. I like a tune, that's easy to sing with lyrics with good rhymes, rhythms, words and meanings, so what on Earth do I see in Oldfield? And when will I fall from this high, I'm on at the moment? Never? Seen out of context, it's a bit funny that the same guy presents TB to me and invites me to TB II concert, but seen in context, I guess it isn't that weird.
    I'm desperat to get some input in this subject. Recently I had a string of thoughts, something like this:

  • I think Oldfields music is good.
  • I want to know more about it, joy of recognition, learn more, themes, instruments, wish I had the notes.
  • But can you really disect the music like that, analyze it that way?
  • Why do I really like this kind of music? Did I miss something? Is it really because you like it?
  • Is music really important? In the big picture with war, hunger, disease etc. it disappears - or?
    At this time my thoughts has completely lost their footing, and for a second there I thought I was going mad, and stopped thinking about it!



There's no question this concert influenced me a lot. I got a lot more music than I had before, and I listened to everything I had a lot more. BTW, I also still have the ticket. And for some reason the only thing I took a picture of in Hamburg was this car ...



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