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Incantations Part II

Song of Hiawatha (Longfellow)

By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
At the doorway of the wigwam
In the pleasant summer morning,

Hiawatha stood and waiting,
All the air was full of freshness,
All the earth was bright and joyous,
And before him, through the sunshine,

Westward toward the neighbouring forest,
Passed the golden swarms the Ahmo,
Passed the bees, the honey-makers,
Burning, singing in the sunshine...

O'er the water floating flying,
Something in the hazy distance,
Something in the mists of morning,
Loomed and lifted from the water,

Now seemed floating, now seemed flying,
Coming nearer, nearer, nearer,
Was it Shingebis the diver?
Or the pelecan, the Shada?

Or the heron, the Shuh-shuh-gar?
Or the white goose, Waw-be-wawa,
With the water dripping, flashing,
From its glossy pecan feathers?

It was neither goose nor diver,
Neither pelican or heaven,
O'er the water floating flying,
Through the shining mists of morning,

But a birch canoe with paddles,
Rising sinking on the water,
Dripping, flashing in the sunshine,
And within it came a people.

Can it be the sun descending
O'er the level plain of water?
Or the Red Swan floating, flying,
Wounded by the magic arrow?...

Yes; it is the sun descending,
Sinking down beneath the water;
All the sky is stained with purple,
All the water flushed with crimson;

Over it the star of evening
Melts and trembles through the purple,
Hangs suspended in the twilight...
Walks in silence trough the Heavens.

Japanese transcription

I like shines on gear changed woodland
I like shining dixie water
Half a doorway of the rigged one
In the early summer morning

I don't want distant and waited
All the air is filled with freshness
All the earth is bright and joyous
And before him through the sunshine

I strolled toward the neighbouring forest
Fasting for the song the aroma
Ask the bees the honey-makers
Burning singing in the sunshine

I don't want a floating flying
Surfing in the hazy distance
Something in the mists of morning
Bloomed and lifted from the water

I've seen floating I've seen flying
I've been nearer nearer nearer
Was it shining amidst the diver
All the palate on your shoulder

All the heaven dishing sugar
All the weight goods marijuana
With the water dripping flashing
From its flossy magnum feathers

It was by the blue sky diver
By the valley come the heaven
All the water floating flying
Through the shining mists of morning

Batter badge could loom with puddles
Rising, seeking on the water
Dripping, flashing in the sunshine,
And when finished came the people

Would it be the sun descending
Or the level plain of water
All the red swans floating, flying
Wounded by the magic canon

Yes it is the sun descending
Sinking dark into the water
All the sky is stained in purple
All the water flashed with crimson

O'er the heat the star of evening
Melts and trembles through the purple
High suspended in the twilight
Walks in silence through the feather

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