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September 21
Travel: Flying with Go, Copenhagen-London and London-Edinburgh. Main impressions: For the first time I was flying alone / travelling abroad alone. I treated myself to window seats all the way. Seeing the Danish bridges from above, trying to take pictures of them! Clouds, their shadow on the water, the color of the water - all very good.
    Travelling with Go means there is no possibility for transit. Which meant I had to spend forever in London Stanstead, not time enough to go into town, too much time to spend comfortably - I was even too early to check in my suitcase right away... I will probably not choose to travel this way another time.
    I got very excited about finding "Upstairs Downstairs" on newly released video tapes. I kept remembering the tapes while I was abroad, unable to watch them, and had a very good time with them, once I got home.
    As I knew I would be busy the following days, I walked around Edinburgh this night - my legs got very tired, and ached for the next few days. But I got a feeling for the city.

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