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Edinburgh Castle


September 27
Sights: "All" of Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle, "Discover Edinburgh" with Guide Friday (a tour), The Scotch Whisky Heritage Center, Turboride, Literary pub tour.
Main impressions: Edinburgh Castle is much bigger than I thought - not just one building, but a lot of buildings.
    Funny how much it differs. In Galway the coach trip was structured in much the same way, but nobody got off anywhere, except at stop no.1. In Edinburgh people got on and off everywhere.
    The Whisky experience was very controlled: sit now, walk now, take the barrell ride now and so on. First time I have had whisk(e)y with water in it - worth trying again.
    The turboride was an honest attempt to combine big screen pictures with, not a whole room shaking, but "just" the chairs. Very convincing... I screamed, and felt like top of the world afterwards.
    The pub tour turned out to be some sort of play - two actors, some lines of their own, some quotes from big poets - and some walking, from pub to pub. Very funny. Even though they were hard to understand.

Recommended: Turboride, the literary pub tour

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