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CN Tower - Lying - Huge margeritas


The pride of Toronto: the CN tower. (CN is some sort of rail company, and they needed a huge tower to be able to "see" a lot of Canada. Hence they built the tallest (freestanding) tower in the world!) 340 meters up there is an observation dome - partly with a glass floor! Some of us walk on it, looking relaxed, some of us walk on it, looking scared. I opt for lying on the floor... The lower bit of the tower also has a lot of other entertainment, including a simulator. A high price, a lot of time wasted, and in the end a simulation of maybe 1 or 2 minutes. A good one. But did they really have to warn people with heart problems that often? It wasn't that good...

The day winds down with a "snack": freshly pressed juice of all sorts. Really good. Jetlag weighing heavily: taking a nap before dinner makes it hard to get up and out... But then we move on to "juice" with an attitude: huge margeritas. Didn't know they were made that big. But this is the start of a trend: each night we research whether there are bigger and/or better margeritas to get in town, or whether the quality stays the same the places we have already been.

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