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A baseball game


Another workday. The non-work-related event of the work day is that the electricity suddenly disappears! But the laptops running on battery still run, and illuminate the room. And nobody really panics - for long. Well, I did scream, but only a little bit... ;-)

And then a baseball game. The local team is the Toronto Blue Jays. They are playing 3 games in a row against the Boston Red Sox, tonight is the last night. Yesterday they won. Today they lose... Before we know it the game has started, and within something like 5 minutes, Red Sox have 2 points! Which is a lot in baseball. We are still trying to figure out the rules and the scoring, and they have already lost! Maybe not on the score board, but it seems their morale is sliding, and in the end they lose 0-8. Ah well. Was nice feeling the atmosphere, eating the hot dogs and so on.

And I have reasoned with the hotel staff, and they have stopped piling that heavy blanket, and the 4 big pillows on my bed - I wasn't using them anyway... Small victory!

Created: 15 December, 2005 - Last changed: 15 December, 2005 - Comments (0)