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Burial chamber - CN Tower - Business class


Early morning trip. Investigating the houses, I could see from my hotel window. Funny how the tall, tall buildings live side by side with very small buildings. Also seeing the harbour. Back to the hotel and pay the bill. And then moving on.

Royal Ontario Museum, also called ROM. Egyptians. A copy of a small burial chamber really impresses me. Chinese. Dinosaurs. Yummy! Back to the harbor, to take a trip on a boat. Boy, does our guide know some tall tales of the town!

  • The one about the gynecologist and the psychologist getting married and buying a boat, called Heads n Tails.
  • The one about Babe Ruth hitting his very first homerun right over there in 1914, losing the ball in Lake Ontario - and it still hasn't been found...
  • The house that looks like gold. And actually is gold. The bank building the house bought a lot of cheap gold. Dusted the windows with gold. Sold the rest of the gold later at a high price. And actually got a profit. Apart from the dwellers not needing drapes when the sun shines.
  • The beach, where you can get a tan naked, but have to put on clothes, if you go for a swim!
  • And the CN Tower. Very safe building - 2000 workers, no injuries. But the number of injuries on the freeway next to the rising tower rose to 4 times what is was.
  • And over there they play dual pool: a pool table floating in a swimming pool.
Hurrying back to the hotel. Getting back to the airport. Fumbling the arrival, but in the end finding the right plane, and getting in there. This time on business class. Oh joy! Seats that can do everything - including getting almost like a bed! A personal screen, so you can watch the movie you choose. Champaign, because you must be really thirsty after getting on board. (And to impress those going by to get to economy class...) A gift: a small bag with tooth brush, lip balm and other stuff like that. A menu! Socks, if those you are wearing smell too much, so you can safely take off your shoes while you sleep. All cutlery, plates and glasses not made out of plastic. And even table cloth...

And finally: home. Actually it's Sunday morning now. But what the hey. This has been a good trip, both the business part and the pleasure part.

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