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Newpark House - Peacock


July 8
Travel: From Vanløse to Copenhagen Airport by subway and train. (Vanløse is our home town, a suburb of Copenhagen.)
    From Copenhagen to Brussels by plane.
    From Brussels to Shannon by plane. (Both trips with Virgin Express - we also used that company going home 10 days later.)
    From Shannon to Roslevan by cab. (Initially we talked about taking a bus, but we would have had to wait 2 hours then. Roslevan is a suburb of Ennis.)

BnB: Today and for the next 4 nights Newpark House.

Main impressions: We got delayed in Brussels. All planes seemed to be delayed this day.
    Going by Brussels made it a cheap trip. But it also meant that we spent something like 10 hours travelling...
    Our first day in Ireland was very, very wet. Thankfully that was the worst weather we had.
    One way to see Newpark House: "Inhabited. Standing." Another way to see it: a beautiful old building from 1650. The atmosphere couldn't be better. The hostess (Bernie Barron) and host (her son Declan) both did a lot to ensure we had a good time while in Ennis. And we had a canopy bed, my first! The local dog wanted to play. And the local peacock was beautiful. Okay, so the house wasn't in perfect shape, neither the old bits nor the new. But who cares!
    A funny thing. Ennis is an Information Age Town - a lot of people have internet access. But because we were tourists, we had a hard time getting to our mailboxes!

Recommended: If you rely on public transportation: stay at least 2 nights in every place. And get all the "preplanned" coach trips you can. And take a cab from the airport/station to the BnB you booked in advance. - Newpark House.

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