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Bunratty Castle - Church - A red deer


July 10
Sights: Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. (Declan drove us to Bunratty, he was going in that direction anyway. We took a Bus Eireann (public transportation) back.) Main impressions: Bunratty castle was wonderful. I don't think I've ever been to a place like that before: clearly very old (15th and 16th century), rough around the edges as they didn't really know how to do finery then, but still obviously supposed to be luxury. And the narrow stairs... not built for thousands of tourists a day.
    And the folk park. A little bit of "Den fynske landsby" ("The Funen village", houses with a lot of greenery between them), a little bit of "Den gamle by" ("The old town", original houses, moved close together to form a new town). I was particularly impressed with the fact that they moved a whole church into place - extraordinary, and somehow more special than moving a cottage. Animals around the place: a red deer, horses, donkeys...
    Oh yeah - Bunratty was also the place where I got some very good, homemade fudge. Try it, if you don't already know it. I bought a lot of it in the airport going home as well.

Recommended: Bunratty Castle.

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